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Let’s face life’s adversities and adventures together.

Hi, I'm Mei Anne Foo. Having worked in the media industry for half a decade in Singapore, I've had the immense privilege of meeting and interviewing CEOs and business owners; Hollywood stars and celebrity chefs; as well as others in the upper crust of society from all over the world. But I left that jet-setting, shoulders-rubbing life behind and moved to New Zealand in 2019 to pursue my Master of Business and Management. After graduation, I decided to start to recount and revisit some of the stories I've written as well as tell new ones.


 Though recountenance isn't a real word; countenance is. It comes from a French word for “behaviour,” but it has ultimately come to mean either the expression of a face or the face itself. Countenance can also be used as a verb for “to approve”. Therefore, this space was created to recount stories and approve of faces (People); using phrases and Praises. I've mixed in some nutty Places and sweet Passion flavours to form a lifestyle content cake batter for your utmost consumption pleasure.

Expect heartfelt stories, real reviews as well as opinion pieces.

Get in touch if you have any questions, press releases or feedback to share with me.

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