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  • Mei Anne Foo

Mr Stork, Andaz Singapore's Sky-high Rooftop Bar

Teepee-tastic tipples at this new towering tavern.

Putting the bird in a bird’s-eye view, Andaz Singapore’s newly opened 39th-floor rooftop bar is named after the large, long-legged bird, banking on the fact that they are considered good omens, especially when they build their nests on top of buildings.

Alas, there are no nests here. Instead, the place is teeming with teepees surrounded by trees. The teepee-tastic huts at Mr Stork are perfect for lolling with friends while eyeing Singapore’s skyline and the spectacular sunset.

Cobbled pathways connect the different seating enclaves, leading to the circular bar where you can order botanical cocktails inspired by the tropical garden set on the 360-degree elevated space. Fresh herbs dictate the menu, with drinks named Basil, Thyme and Ginseng calling out to imbibers.

I chose to down a glass of Ginger, which has, of course, ginger. There's also lime and tequila’s cousin: mezcal, made from roasted agave. Due to the liquor’s intense flavour, the cocktail has smoky depths and a lingering warmth, which oddly evokes the taste of oven-baked pizza.

For something more refreshing to beat the heat, the Ruby is set to be a gem. Presented in an uber-cute elephant mug, the concoction consists of lemon, ginger, fresh mint, vermouth and Ceylon Arrack, a traditional Sri Lankan spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower and aged in Sri Lankan oak casks – all these amplifying the clear flora and fauna theme of this jungle in the sky.

Mr Stork, 5 Fraser Street, Singapore; Tel: +65 6408 1234

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am; Friday and Saturday: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am

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