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  • Mei Anne Foo

Does Jesus Love Gay People?

The short answer is yes.

Why do I believe in Jesus Christ

The long answer is: Jesus loves everyone people who lie, people who steal, people who murder, people who say they will do something at 2pm but decide not to do it at all. He loves people who lie to themselves, people who shoplift, people who kill cats (accidentally or not), people who say one thing but do the other.

Homosexuality, according to God, is a sin. But so are all those other things that people do, day in and day out. I lie all the time to myself. I used to shoplift. I do things that hurt others... But do I, for a moment, think God hates me because of what I did, do, and will do in the future? Sometimes. But the truth is: God cannot and will not hate me.

Yes, he hates what I do, did, and will do that is wrong in His eyes. But He will never hate me. And he cannot because He sent His son to die for my sins so that I am covered and forgiven, today and forevermore. I can stand confidently, knowing that nothing can separate me from God's love now because of what Jesus had to endure on the cross.

So yes, Jesus loves you. Despite what you have done, is doing, and will do. Just come to Him and be covered in His blood, His love. That's all He wants. And that's all we can give Him.

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